Top 10 Best Rice Cookers (Latest Model!)

August 31, 2020

Are you stuck on which best rice cooker to buy?

Then you should not worry anymore, below items are some the best rice cookers you will get in the market today.

Preparing rice for your family or during any event tends to be more convenient compared with other types of cookers. These cookers are simple to use and have the late technology that ensures your work is much easier while getting the best-cooked rice for your family and guests. You may be having the best skills, but the equipment you use may hinder the quality of the food.

Here some of the best rice cookers trending this year.

TL;DR Best Rated Rice Cookers

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Rice Cooker Buying Guide

Here’s a friendly reminder to consider your decision carefully before you rush out on a shopping spree out of excitement to cook your delicious rice.


A rice cooker’s capacity is usually measured in the number of cups of uncooked rice it can hold. Be sure to note, though, that depending on the type of rice, you might end up with twice that amount of cooked rice — so choose an option that’s the right size for you and your family.


Many rice cookers come with presets for different types of rice, as well as ones that include adjustments for making your rice softer or firmer than usual. Basic cookers, on the other hand, might just have an on/off toggle with no additional settings. Which do you prefer?

Extra features

Besides being able to cook different types of rice, some units venture beyond grains and can be used as slow cookers or steamers for vegetables or fish. If you don’t cook rice regularly, those extra features might make a rice cooker more useful more often.

Top Rice Cookers Reviews

We created reviews below with additional guidance for different kinds of rice cooker. If you plan to buy rice cooker online please do so through our review so that your purchase (at no additional cost to you) can support this website – thank you.

Instant Pot V3 Programmable Electric Pressure Cooker

If you don’t make rice on a daily basis, it might make sense to get an appliance that can cook more than just rice. While the Instant Pot can cook rice for sure, you can also use it for pressure cooking, slow cooking, and more. The updated model for 2017 now includes settings for cooking eggs, which has been a popular function among users. It also has a new button for cakes, like cheesecakes or moist-cooked carrot cake or banana bread.

This can also pressure cook for up to 240 minutes and you can set it to silent mode, so the beeps won’t disturb you. There is a cooking delay for up to 24 hours, and it has both an automatic keep-warm and a manual keep-warm setting for up to 10 hours. This does not have a low pressure setting.

The inner cooking pot is stainless steel, so it’s dishwasher safe and there’s no need to worry about using metal utensils.

Aroma 8-CUP

Do you want to prepare enough rice for your family? Then you have the aroma rice cooker. You will be able to make two to eight cups of any variety of rice you have. The device can steam meat or vegetables while you are cooking rice just below. It is easy to use making it favorable even for your children. This cooker utilizes the latest digital technology. It has digital controls with automatic white rice, brown rice, and keep warm functions. Aroma cooker has a timer that will help you delay the meal so as to fit your schedule. After use, it is easy to clean.


If you’re unsure about how much you are willing to invest in one of these appliances but want to get a fairly solid machine to test the waters then the Zojirush NS-LAC05XT Micom 3-cup Rice Cooker and Warmer may be a good candidate.

Although made in China rather than Japan, it has good ratings on Amazon and should last you several years – long enough for you to decide if it is worth upgrading to a higher end model. This model is black and stainless steel.

It has a 3-cup capacity, and, because of the fuzzy logic feature, can cook white, sushi, mixed, sweet, brown, and quick-cooking types.

The inside of the cooking pan has measuring lines for precise control of ingredients. The main cooking body contains an LCD control panel for easy reading, and it also is equipped with an automatic and extended keep-warm setting, a reheating cycle, delay timer with two settings, and a retractable power cord.

The cooker’s small size takes up minimal counter space, and it comes with a measuring cup, non-stick spatula, and a spatula holder.

Lets face it, there is no need to shell out big bucks are if you are only eating rice a couple of times a month and this is where a model such as this one could make sense.

Aroma simply stainless

It is among the best cookers you will come across. The cooking pot is of stainless steel that is of surgical-grade 304. It prepares three cups of uncooked white rice and six cups of cooked rice. In brown rice, it makes two cups of uncooked and four cups cooked. It is easy to use with one-touch operation and has an automatic keep-warm feature.

Panasonic SR-DF101 5-Cup “Fuzzy Logic” Rice Cooker

If you’re looking for a solid rice cooker that will fit most kitchens, this is the one to choose. It is a smart rice cooker with a micro-computer that adjusts the power depending on how much rice is being cooked. This means the rice is cooked perfectly every time, whether you’re cooking rice for one person or for your whole family.

While the cooker is a smart model, the controls are very simple to use, with icons on the buttons for selecting white rice, brown rice, porridge or soup, or the quick-cooking or steaming setting. It has an auto-shutoff, and can keep rice warm for up to 12 hours after it has been cooked. It comes with a steaming basket, rice paddle, and a measuring cup. The power cord is detachable for safety and storage, and the interior bowl has a nonstick coating for easy cleaning.

If five cups of uncooked rice (which yields about 10 cups of cooked rice) isn’t enough, there is a larger model that can handle up to 10 cups of uncooked rice.

Cuckoo Electric Rice Cooker and Warmer

The Cuckoo brand of South Korea has been involved in cooking technology for about 40 years making a trustworthy rice cooker with fuzzy-logic technology. The model CR-0631F pink and white cooker uses 6 cups of dry rice for perfectly cooked rice every time. It will also cook as little as 1 cup of rice. It has slow or turbo (fast) cooking functions. This is not a pressure cooker.

The inner pot is aluminum with Teflon® coating so that nothing sticks being easy to clean by hand washing; Teflon® does not do well in dishwashers. The internal pot has a flat bottom with curved sides for even cooking. It will cook GABA (gamma aminobutyric acid) rice a beneficial amino acid found in green beans, peaches, and other foods. Our brain produces GABA that lowers anxiety and permits deeper sleeping, lowering blood pressure improving heart function.

The Cuckoo will cook white, brown, and all types of rice. With its 6 cooking functions, you will never go wrong preparing grains, rice, and cooked cereals. The LCD control is large and easy to read.


Tiger is another top rated brand out of Japan that receives pretty good reviews in the West. If you want a basic cooker made in Japan model, I would go with the JNP-S10U 5.5-Cup Rice Cooker and Warmer in stainless steel.

From what I can tell, it is not a fuzzy logic cooker, though, so you may not be able to prepare other types of rice in it.

It does switch automatically to the keep-warm setting and will stay on for up to 12 hours.

The non-stick inner pan makes clean up easy, and the retractable power cord makes for easy portability. It comes with a measuring cup and spatula, and the steam vent is removable and washable.

All in all, based on the reviews alone, it seems to be worth the money, but with the real food movement being what it is right now, I would think you need a product that can definitely cook either brown or wild rice really well.

Variations of this product are also made in 3, 4,8, and 10 cup versions although the 3, 5.5, and 10 cups are the only sizes available in stainless steel; the 4 and 8 cup models features a 1970s floral pattern on a white background (due to an aging society, this motif has remained somewhat popular in Japan and Korea).

Hamilton Beach Rice Cooker

This wallet-friendly rice cooker includes a basket for rinsing the rice or for steaming foods in the cooker and has a removable nonstick cooking pot for easy cleaning. It holds up to eight cups of cooked rice to feed a crowd.

Operation is easy, with just one button to turn the machine on to start the cooking. When the rice is done, it automatically switches to a keep-warm setting, so the rice will be waiting for you, even if dinner is delayed.

Besides making rice, you can cook whole grains or use the steamer basket for vegetables or fish. For easy cleaning, both the cooking bowl and steaming basket are dishwasher safe, while the lid is removable for hand washing. A carrying handle makes it easy to move or store. A measuring cup and rice paddle are included.

Sistema Microwave Cookware Rice Steamer

For an easy way to cook rice that doesn’t involve yet another countertop appliance, this microwave cooker is ready to produce perfect rice in your microwave.

The cooker has an 11-cup capacity, so you can make rice for a crowd, and the steamer plus pressure chamber design produces fluffy rice every time. Locking clips hold the lid in place during cooking, while steam vents release steam without spatter. Side tabs stay cooler and make it easy to remove the cooker from the microwave when cooking is done.

Breville Fast Slow Pro Multi Function Cooker

If you love rich, creamy risotto but dread the exhausting continuous stirring, this sleek Breville gadget is an attractive option. The device is a multi-cooker with 11 slow- and fast-cooking presets, including one for risotto. It automatically adjusts time, temperature, and pressure with sensors on the top and bottom of the device and has a hands-free steam release to ensure impeccable texture and flavor.

Like other high-quality Breville appliances, this powerhouse has hundreds of devoted fans. Users praise its durability, variety of intuitive controls, and speediness. Additionally, some reviewers specifically said the Breville makes incredible risotto. 

“One of the most used appliances in my kitchen,” a user wrote. “Breville makes wonderful products and this combo slow/pressure is no exception. Risotto in no time at all, without constant watching? Check. Short ribs? Check. Sunday gravy in under 6 hours? Check. Dried beans? A total lifesaver. I love it.”

Which Is The Best Rice Cooker To Buy?

This just gives you a sampling of what is available on the market today. All of these options have received excellent reviews and are top-rated appliances.

For most of you, it may come down to price, so I would suggest doing some comparison shopping among the different brands at several stores or on Amazon.

I hope this information helps you if you’re in the market for one of these handy kitchen appliances.

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