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All Reviews About Hamilton Beach Cool-Touch Deep Fryer

Let us summarize all the reviews you need to know about Hamilton Beach Cool-Touch Deep Fryer.

Our Review

Hamilton Beach makes generously sized deep fryers for unrivaled versatility. Well, the 35021 model is not an exception, as it boasts a 2-liter oil capacity. This means you will be able to fry mouth-watering foods without experiencing any mess common in most poor quality deep fryers. Best of all, you can lower food into hot oil and then lift it out without opening the lid of the fryer. This fryer also has cool-touch sides that will not burn your hands if touched unknowingly. Read the full buying guide here.

Review from homekitchenland.com

When working with hot oil, you must be assured that you’ll get the protection you need. Also, when operating a hot device, you want the deep fryer safety features to be in order.

When it comes to Hamilton Beach deep fryer, there is no room for fear. Hamilton Beach deep fryer allows you to cook with the closed lid, so you don’t get splatter all over the kitchen. Also, the deep fryer has the cool-touch sides to prevent any burns.

There is also a feature which allows you to lift the deep fryer basket if you want to drain the food, while the lid is down. With Hamilton Beach deep fryer you can forget about the annoying burns and splatter. Read the full review from homekitchenland.com

Review From fryerhouse.com

Operating the Hamilton Beach 35021 is very fuss-free. You don’t even have to remember switching it on as it will already start working the moment you plug it in. It definitely makes deep frying simpler, faster, and much less of a hassle.

Lots of users who have already owned a couple of electric deep fryers in the past can attest that this unit cooks faster than its competitors.

The fact that you can practically dismantle the entire unit by being able to remove its cooking pot, lid, and heating element makes it a lot easier to clean. The lid is also very useful as it prevents splatters.

As you might notice from its photos, this deep fryer is fashioned just like many professional-grade deep fryers. However, thanks to its straightforward design and features, it’s a lot easier and more convenient to use at home.

Covered deep fryers are popular options for homes as they’re safer. This is true even for the Hamilton Beach 35021 as its lid creates a barrier between you and the boiling cooking oil inside the unit. Read the full review from fryerhouse.com

Review from topkitchendepot.com

The design of this deep fryer is a big hit with home cooks because it is easy to remove for draining and cleaning, which can be a hassle if you’re deep-frying. The safety features of the Hamilton Beach Deep Fryer with Cool Touch are also something that many of its users love. For one, the unit does not get hot when it is deep-frying because it provides proper heat insulation.

Another safety feature is that the lid can be removed during deep-frying. Having the chance to properly deep fry food without the risk of hot oil splattering around is a great advantage. Plus, without oil splatters all over your kitchen counter, clean up after deep-frying becomes a breeze.

The capacity of the Hamilton Beach Deep Fryer with Cool Touch is also a big advantage as it can hold up to 8 cups of oil and fry up to 6 cups of fries in just one batch. This allows you to fry a good amount of food in one go that will be enough to feed two to three people at the same time. The Hamilton Beach brand has produced well-built and affordable kitchen gadgets that make cooking at home fun, easy, and enjoyable. Get ready to serve up some perfectly fried comfort food with your own deep fryer. Read the full review from topkitchendepot.com

Review from jonsguide.org

Hands up if you ever saw something frying so beautifully you almost forgot how hot the pan was. I feel your pain guys; but fortunately, technology has caught up with the absent minded food lover and people who are generally tired of grabbing a hot pan and then spending the better part of an hour cursing away.

Hamilton beach deep fryers are well known for their generous size and incredible amounts of versatile performance. In addition to the cool touch technology that prevents external heating, with Hamilton Beach 35021 Deep Fryer with Cool Touch, Black you can now fry the crispiest, mouth-watering delicacies without the usual mess and oil spills. Read the full review from jonsguide.org

Review from morningchores.com

If you are new to home-cooked fried food, then the Hamilton Beach Deep Fryer is the ideal frying machine for you. It can cook up to six cups of chips or chicken pieces, and the 1,500-watt heating element is designed to quickly heat the cooking oil, which results in a quicker cooking time.

The “cool-touch” sides protect you, and you can immerse the food in the basket while the lid is closed.

Although it does not come with a timer or any oil filtration system, it has a ready alert light, you can adjust the temperature up to 375 degree Fahrenheit, and the fryer can produce deliciously crispy chicken and French fries. Read the full review from morningchores.com

Review from heavy.com

A combination of low return rates and high customer satisfaction makes this item Amazon’s Choice for deep fryers. The Hamilton Beach Deep Fryer (35021) has a 2-liter, or 8-cup, capacity. This is enough to cook up to six cups of chicken tenders or French fries. The sides of a deep fryer can get quite hot during the cooking process, but this deep fryer is equipped with cool-touch sides so that you won’t accidentally burn your hands. A view window lets you safely monitor the cooking process. The basket is designed for mess-free draining for added convenience. Other features include an immersed heating element to rapidly heat up oil along with adjustable temperature with a ready light. The lid, oil tank, and heating element can be removed for cleaning. Read the full review from heavy.com

Review from alltoptenreviews.com

For a larger capacity deep fryer that you will use at the party and other commercial functions, this is the perfect pick. The deep-fryer has the capacity of 8-cups, which will serve a large number at once. Secondly, the fryer is very safe since it will aid in avoiding splatters when cooking.

The deep-fryer also heats relatively faster to save on time. To avoid getting burned, the deep fryer features cool-touch sides and a breakaway cord that makes it extremely safe. This will allow for easy removal from the cooking pan. Even though it has been designed to last, the deep fryer is budget-friendly. Read the full review from alltoptenreviews.com

Review from fryerhub.com

An important part of any deep fryer is cleanup. Oil breaks down over time, so you should regularly clean your fryer and change out the oil. Cleaning the Hamilton Beach deep fryer is incredibly easy. The lid, oil tank, and heating element are all removable so you can clean them without any hassle. Once you remove these items, cleaning the inside of the fryer is easy as well. The enamel coated exterior simply wipes clean with dish soap and water. The cleanability of this deep fryer is something you’ll really appreciate. Read the full review from fryerhub.com

Review from fryerly.com

Hamilton Beach 35021 Deep Fryer with Cool Touch is a well-designed home appliance. The standard of the fryer is great. There are many features in this fryer. Hamilton is the most useful and amazing appliance to cook food. The food will be tasty and crispy. At first, it has 8 cup oil capacity. The appliance has the similar dishes at the same time. It saves the health from oil and reduces the amount of using oil.

If you touch the unit unconsciously, the cool sides of the unit save your hand. The size is very wonderful. So you can keep Hamilton Beach 35021 Deep Fryer with Cool Touch anywhere in your room. If you like to go outside or make a campaign, the product is an ideal for you. Read the full review from fryerly.com

Review from toptenreviews.com

The affordable Hamilton Beach Immersion Heater 35021 is a home deep fryer that is sturdy and easy to use, and it cooks a lot of food at once. It is also safe to use because you can deep fry foods with the lid closed. We fried fresh-cut potatoes and breaded chicken strips, and it took little effort or know-how. The food turned out nice, and our taste testing panel gave the Hamilton Beach’s French fries and breaded chicken strips above-average ratings.

When we tested it, this fryer took 15 minutes to come to temperature, which is a bit longer than average. However, after we put the food in it, it heated the oil back to the required temperature quickly, taking just two and a half minutes – that’s the second-fastest heat recovery time of the fryers we tested. The container holds 1.9 liters (about 8 cups) of oil and cooks just over 3 pounds of food per batch, which is quite a bit for a countertop deep fryer. Read the full review from toptenreviews.com


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Hamilton Beach Cool-Touch Deep Fryer Full Review
Hamilton Beach Cool-Touch Deep Fryer Full Review


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