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September 28, 2020

A cutting board is a must-have item that can never lack in any kitchen. They come in various sizes and are meant for different purposes. As a rule of the thumb, it’s necessary to have more than one cutting board to prevent cross-contamination, or if not so, then the single board should be double-sided and easy to clean.

Modern chopping boards vary in construction. Some are made of hard plastic and others feature bamboo or maple woods. The decision to go either way depends on your personal preference. However, for health reasons, the board should be odor-free, stain-free, and antibacterial.

TL;DR Top Rated Modern Cutting Board

Below is a list of 10 cutting boards you can’t go wrong with:

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What is a Good Size Cutting Board?

One of the most common cutting mistakes in the kitchen is using the wrong size cutting board so if you’ve ever looked at all the different cutting board sizes and wondered, “which size do I need for my kitchen” then we’ve got a simple tip to help you decide which board size is right for you.

A small board is great for cutting strawberries, lemons or other small items with a paring knife, but once you pick up a chef’s knife you need to also pick up a larger board. Having the right size board helps make cutting easier and also much safer.

The one tip you need in picking out the perfect size cutting board is to lay your knife on your board diagonally and make sure that you have at least one to two inches on either side of the knife.

Have an 8″ chef’s knife that you’re always pulling out of the drawer? Make sure your board measures at least 12″ diagonally.

Of course, this is a really simplistic way of looking at what size board you need but you should also take into consideration what you’re usually cutting and using the board for.

If all you’re doing is cutting up fruit and small vegetables then a small board is adequate but even if you have an 8″ knife and you’re using it all the time to prep your mirepoix of celery, onion, and carrots then you might want to consider a larger board that you can store some of the items on one side of your board while you’re working on the others.

If you’re cutting large items like pineapples or even sweet potatoes, you’ll want to give yourself plenty of room and consider larger boards. Don’t get caught with a board that’s too small for the job, you’ll regret it later!

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Best Cutting Boards Review 🧐

Most boards are made from wood or plastic, and both have their advantages. Wooden boards are more aesthetically pleasing, but plastic boards can go in the dishwasher making them easier to clean.  Here are the best boards on the market to get your collection started.

Extra Thick Flexible Plastic Cutting Board Mats

Cooler Kitchen knows the importance of using different cutting boards for different foods to avoid the transfer of tastes. As such, they offer you 4 incredibly beautiful cutting boards at a very dirty price. The 4 boards bear icons, so you’ll never use the wrong board for the wrong activity.

These boards are made of a sturdy BPA-free material and have the approval of FDA. Again, they are flexible to allow you to easily drop your foods into your pot or throw wastes into the trash bin. Previous reviewers confirm that they don’t dull your knife even with frequent usage.

Farberware 3-Piece Assorted Poly Cutting Board Set

This set of 3 cutting boards is designed for the busy kitchens with a lot of chopping and slicing to do. The boards are durable having been made of solid Polypropylene.

All these boards have been skillfully polished to make sure that there’re no loose chips which would easily get stained with time. Of the three, the paddle-shaped board is handy when it comes to carving or doing some vegetable prep. When it comes to cleaning, it’ll always be a breeze for you since they all go safely in the dishwasher.

Extra Large Bamboo Cutting Board

Utopia Kitchen is a reputable brand when it comes to outstanding kitchen accessories. Their Extra Large Bamboo Cutting Board has received a lot of praise from Professional Chefs and home users. This board is made of 100% pure Bamboo wood.

The board is lightweight and doesn’t require any maintenance. For your health safety, it has sunflower oil finish making it hygienic and easy to clean. You only need some warm water and soap, and you’re done. Buyers loved it since it’s multi-purpose and durable.

Bamboo Cutting Board and Serving Tray

This is another Bamboo Cutting Board that you shouldn’t go without. It’s stronger and more durable than its Maple competitors. With its 18’’ by 12’’ by ¾’’, you’ll find this versatile board useful in all your daily kitchen activities.

Is it safe? Sure. This Bamboo board is non-absorbent and won’t harbor any germs. Moreover, it has been designed to catch juices when carving so you can be assured of a non-messy experience.

Seville Classics Bamboo Cutting Board with Removable Cutting Mats

In the world of Bamboo cutting boards, you’ll have to search harder for another one to beat Seville. It’s a heavy duty cutting board with unbeatable features. This board has been thoughtfully designed to house 7 mats for cheese, beef, poultry, fruits, vegetables, bread, and fish.

All these mats have been color -coded and bear icons for easy recognition. They are also flexible and gentle on your knife. Seville Cutting Board is perfect if you don’t want to wash it after every use. Again, the 7 mats it comes with will save you the need to flock your kitchen with hundreds of boards.

Sabatier Mixed Wood Cutting Board

This mixed wood cutting board from Sabatier is pretty to look at and practical. It can be used for cutting and serving. We liked that it stayed put during cutting when a damp paper towel was placed underneath it and that it felt sturdy thanks to its thickness. Washing by hand was easy, but we recommend keeping a food-grade seasoning oil on hand to rub it down often to keep it smooth and crack-free.

J.K. Adams Large Reversible Maple Carving Board

You’ll find plenty of features in this cutting board that make it a good match for carving meat—like grooves in the board’s surface and a slight slope to one side so that the juices that release from meat all run down into a single large well. This particularly impressed our reviewer, who typically puts her cutting board into a sheet pan to collect overflowing juices when she is carving; with this board, she doesn’t have to. This well also makes it easy to spoon the juices out and use them for sauces or gravy.

When you order the J.K. Adams cutting board, you can even choose to add steel spikes to it, which helps keep the meat locked in position as you carve. This sturdy board has substantial size and weight that’s perfect for significant cuts of meat and comes with a five-year warranty. 

Stock up on all the supplies you’ll need for a roast—our list of the best roasting pans and best electric knives will help you get started.

Dexas Heavy Duty Grippmat Flexible Cutting Board Set of Four

A flexible cutting board makes transport of chopped up items easy—just lift and fold up the edges to create a handy funnel to send food into a pot or bowl. You’ll get a set of four in bright colors, each perfect for everyday usage. For thin boards, these are relatively sturdy, even while their thinness makes them easy to store in cabinets or drawers. Moreover, grip marks on one side of each cutting board prevent the cutting boards from sliding around.

“We used these on a smooth countertop and a wooden table, and the boards remained in place, with no slipping or sliding as we worked,” our reviewer says.

The plastic is both non-porous and non-absorbent. The colors are attractive, and can also help prevent cross-contamination—so you can remember which board you used for which ingredient. To clean, use hot water and soap or just toss the cutting boards into your dishwasher.

Villa Acacia Small Wood Cutting Board

If you only have a small job—mincing up a few cloves of garlic, for instance, or quartering a lime—it can feel like a hassle to drag out a full-sized cutting board. Enter the Villa Acacia wood cutting board: the grain of the tropical hardwood is beautiful, and at just half an inch thick and 12×9 inches in size, it’s lightweight, perfect for smaller tasks, and can be easily stashed away in cabinets when not being used. But it’s also large enough to serve as a board for cutting and carving large pieces of meat, many reviewers rave.

The board is reversible, with one side that’s totally flat and another with a juice groove running around the edge. Small indentations on the two sides of the cutting board make it easy to pick up. 

What Cutting Board is Best?

For those who prefer environmentally friendly cutting boards, we found several bamboo cutting boards for you. While Kitchen Active Bamboo Board was highly rated, Seville Board with its 7 removable mats proves versatile and more hygienic. On the other hand, all the plastic boards we sought were found to be BPA-free and food grade.

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