Most Comprehensive Built-In Microwaves Review ?

October 25, 2020

It is impossible to imagine a kitchen without a built-in microwave. Starting from popping popcorn, warming up beverages to baking side dishes, a built-in microwave gets your job done in no time. You no more have to worry about the correct temperature and time period to set as there are pre-programmed buttons for everything you want to do with your ingredients.

TL;DR Best Rated Built-In Microwave Ovens

If you are considering to buy a built-in microwave for your kitchen, you should go through the following best built-in microwaves. They are highly rated, extremely efficient and provide quality for your money.

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What is the difference between a countertop and built-in a microwave?

Depending on your kitchen, you can choose either countertop or built-in microwaves.

One of the key factors that you need to consider is where you want to place your microwave. While incorporating it in the kitchen design, do you prefer placing it on the counter, or would you prefer a built-in microwave that can be mounted to a cupboard or wall?

Understanding the difference between the countertop and the built-in microwave ovens can help you make the right decision when choosing the perfect appliance for your needs.

Built-In Microwaves

This category includes models designed only to be built in, surrounded by cabinetry or built into a wall. Microwave drawers, for example, can be placed under the countertop, removing them from sightlines, and glide out for easy access, or can be installed below a wall oven. The look is sleek and integrated. Some countertop microwaves can be built-in with a kit.

Design: Not all sizes and designs of microwaves can be installed into a cabinet or wall. There are very few manufacturers that provide microwaves that are standardized to match the width of most ranges and the depth of most cabinets.

Installation: The key hurdle for a homeowner is installing these units. You will need the services of a licensed contractor who can ensure that proper installation is done. The microwave should be safely bracketed into a space in the existing cabinetry. While installing, it is important to check if the microwave and oven are properly vented to prevent a potential fire hazard.

Space Required: This type of microwave oven provides some free countertop space which can be extremely useful in a small kitchen.

Countertop Microwaves

Price and easy installation are appealing. Just plug into an ordinary outlet—one dedicated to the microwave or it might trip the circuit breaker. These microwaves eat up counter space. Also note the microwave’s dimensions, choosing the largest capacity for the available space. A stainless finish is common, and a convection feature is becoming available on more models.

Design: These ovens are designed to rest on your counter. Manufacturers have come up with a wide variety of sizes to suit the small countertop space.

Installation: Installing these ovens is really easy. All you need is an electrical outlet for the plug point and some countertop space. Unlike built-in variants, there is no extra cost of installation or the need for a licensed electrician for the installation.

Space Required: One of the disadvantages of a countertop microwave oven is the space required. People with small kitchens and have limited counter space can find the oven a real hindrance in the kitchen.

Most Comprehensive Built In Microwaves Review

Can I use a countertop microwave as a built-in?

Microwave manufacturers produce different microwave designs for built-in cabinet holes and for countertop or open-concept settings. The design of each differs in terms of vent placement, as countertop microwaves do not have a wooden frame that surrounds the unit like built-in microwave designs. Despite the difference in designs, it is possible to install a countertop microwave in a cabinet unit if you do so cautiously.

Built-in Microwave Buying Guide

While looking for a built-in microwave, you should look into these features:


The power of the microwave, measured in wattage, indicates how quickly it can heat food. Keep in mind that a large-capacity microwave with low wattage will take longer to heat food than a low-capacity microwave with high wattage. Wattage for built-in microwaves ranges from 800W to 1,200W.


Manufacturers use cubic feet to calculate microwave capacity. The smallest built-ins have a capacity of about one cubic foot while the largest has about two cubic feet. The capacity you need will depend upon how you plan to use the microwave. Some models are designed to cook a full meal, so a larger capacity microwave will get the job done faster. If you’re only cooking for one or two people, a high-powered small-capacity model might be what you need.

Shortcut settings

Shortcut settings enable you to adjust power levels and cooking times for specific foods with the single touch of a button. Some models have as many as 100 preset cooking functions. The more shortcut settings, the higher the price. You also want to consider whether you’re willing to scroll through all the presets to find the one you want.


Turntables rotate the food for more even cooking. The turntable can be removed from some models. In others, a rectangular tray slides back and forth throughout the cooking time. Models that allow you to turn this feature on or off give you more control and options when cooking. However, if you choose not to use the turntable, you might need to stop and turn the food manually while it cooks.

Variable power

Built-in microwaves with variable power levels allow you to adjust the power according to what and how much you’re cooking. For defrosting or softening, you might only need 30% to 50% power. Adjusting the power can reduce the chances that you’ll overcook your food.

Child lock

A child lock on the microwave door not only keeps kids from playing with the microwave but also protects them from getting burned. This feature is especially important on convection models because food cooked using convection tend to get hotter.

Automatic sensor

An automatic sensor monitors the steam level in the microwave and automatically turns the oven off when the food is fully cooked. This feature is designed to prevent overcooking or undercooking and eliminate the need for a timer. However, it’s not a fail-safe. The temperature, volume, and density of the food can throw off the automatic sensor.

Microwave drawer

Drawers are a relatively new addition to microwave design. The drawer – and microwave – hide away when not in use. However, the drawer isn’t flush with your cabinets. Ergonomically speaking, there is less back, shoulder, and arm strain when removing food from these models.

Built-in microwave drawers generally come in 24-inch models, which can be built into standard cabinets, or 30-inch models, which require either extensive modification or customization of the cabinetry to fit.


Built-in microwaves that can grill have a heating element in the top of the interior. These models come with a rack that, when placed in the microwave, moves the food closer to the heating element.

There are two types of microwave grills – quartz and radiant. Quartz grills heat in seconds but are costly. These come with only the most expensive built-in microwaves. Radiant grills are more powerful but can take up to five minutes to reach temperature.

Built-In Microwave Reviews

We created reviews below with additional guidance for different kinds of built-In Microwave. If you plan to buy a built-In Microwave online please do so through our review so that your purchase (at no additional cost to you) can support this website – thank you.

Sharp 24-Inch Microwave Drawer Oven

This is definitely the best-looking microwave on this list. It is a 1000 watts microwave oven with drawer style with automatic push and pulls bar handle. There are 11 power levels, auto defrost option, auto touch control panel, and manual clock and timer controls. There are automatic sensors to supervise cooking and prevent the dishes from getting overcooked or burnt. The product dimensions are 23.9 x 15.4 x 26.2 inches and it is quite heavy as it weighs 98 pounds. The product comes with a 1-year warranty.

  • It has a unique drawer option for opening and closing the oven which many find advantageous over the traditional microwave.
  • The look and feel of the microwave are simply stunning and there is a protective layer to keep the glossiness on and avoid smudges.
  • The digital LCD screen, 11 power levels, auto-touch controls, auto defrost, and other manuals controls make it a complete package.

Farberware Black Built-in Microwave

Farberware is a popular brand in microwave space and they have a product in different ranges of pricing. This is a stainless steel microwave oven and it has the additional grill function. The cooking capacity is 1.2 cubic feet and cooking power is 1100 watts. There are 10 different power levels as with every standard built-in microwave. There are various one-touch controls available to heat different items within minutes and you can do multi-stage cooking conveniently. Furthermore, the memory function lets you do various customizations in settings. The product dimensions are 20.5 x 17.3 x 12.8 inches and it weighs 39.7 pounds.

  • There is a protective coating on the entire surface of the microwave to prevent fingerprints and smudges.
  • The grill function is its special feature and it opens up the options for cooking various favourite dishes.
  • There is interior LED lighting to let you see how the cooking and baking is going on.
  • There are 10 power levels from 10% to 100% and there are 9 one-touch options for instant cooking.
  • The design is sleek and the premium black colour finish is eye-catching and will enhance the beauty of your modular kitchen.
  • There are automatic defrost options, dual cooking option, and memory function to save your customized settings.

Panasonic Countertop/Built-In Microwave

This is a 1200 watts microwave with a capacity of 1.2 cubic foot. It has the unique inverter technology to produce consistent cooking power at low settings so that the cooking is precise and delicious. All the flavours and texture are preserved such that it tastes better than handmade dishes. The inverter technology also conserves energy and follows energy conservation standards. There are 14 preset auto cook menu options which will prepare your desired dishes perfectly. Lastly, the design of the microwave is very modern and will enhance the beauty of your kitchen. The exterior dimensions of the product are 15.8 x 20.7 x 12.2 inches and it weighs 25.5 pounds.

  • Panasonic Patented Inverter technology used helps inconsistent and even cooking.
    It generates a steady stream of power at all temperature for better result and delicious dishes.
  • There are 12 auto cook options for frozen food, soup, oatmeal, pasta, pizza and other favourite dishes.
  • You can keep your dishes under consistent warm up until they are served.
  • You can defrost vegetables and ingredients for instant cooking.
  • It preserves the delicious flavours, vibrant colours, proper shape and superb texture.
  • The design is compact so that it takes less space to fit in but the interior capacity is large enough.

Farberware Classic Built-in Microwave

This is the best microwave oven from Farberware and it has 1000 watts cooking power and 1.1 cubic feet cooking capacity. There are 10 power levels from 10% to 100% and the 1 to 6-minute express cooking options are very useful. Moreover, there are 6 one-touch quick cooking options for various food items like popcorn, potato, dinner plate, chicken, veggies, pizza and likewise. You can defrost your required item by weight tor time. There are digital controls and LED display and you can lock the keypad. The product dimensions are 20.2 x 16.9 x 12 inches and it weighs 25 pounds. The product also comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.

  • You can store and reuse your cooking settings for preparing your favourite dishes as per your liking.
  • There are six-programmed cooking functions for various every day’s dishes.
  • The digital interface is easy to operate and comes with 1-6 minutes express cook buttons, manual defrost buttons, and a useful 30-seconds control button.
  • The food items are cooked evenly and consistently throughout so that there are no cold or card portions.

Panasonic Stainless Steel Countertop/Built-In Microwave Oven

Panasonic is here to offer you a functional microwave for either built-in or countertop use. This stainless steel microwave features 1250 watts of power which are so powerful. It delivers a seamless stream of cooking power for even cooking and delicious flavor effortlessly every time. That is not all; it also has inverter technology with turbo defrost for easy and convenient preparation and cooking. There is a wide variety of meals and snacks that you can prepare using this microwave, with quality as well.

That is not all, this built-in microwave features the compact design along with a thinner and lighter design. In case you want to use it on the countertop, it does not take up so much space at all. It comes with smart cooking settings with a genius sensor that adjust power and times for different foods. Plus, with the 14 preset menu items, there is nothing that this microwave can’t do. You really should take it into consideration, this is one of the best built-in microwaves to have.

Dacor 24″ Distinctive Series Counter Top or Built-In Microwave

The amazing thing about this microwave is that you can use it as either a built-in or countertop microwave. That makes it convenient for you to install and use it in accordance with the space that you have. This option comes with a blue LED display that is very easy to read and use. With it, you will be able to prepare and cook a variety of food and snacks with ease. Plus, with its 1100 watts power, cooking daily meals or snacks around the house is very simple.

The awesome part is that there are many preset buttons to make things even easier for you. From popcorn and fresh vegetables to rice and poultry, this microwave can do them all. Not to mention that there are pre-programmed settings for frozen food, and more, this is one great microwave to have. It looks great and works great, and it makes a nice compliment in the kitchen as well. You should check it out, this 2-in-1 microwave is super cool.

Advent Black Built-in Microwave Oven with Wide Trim Kit

Here we have another built-in microwave from Advent but with a trim kit for easy installation. Just like the previous option, this one comes with very similar functions that you can use with ease. The only difference is that it comes with a wide trim kit that makes installation a breeze. It also comes with directions for you to follow for a fast and smooth installation as well. With its compact size, it fits great in small space which is simply nice. This built-in microwave is very functional, and it makes a great compliment in any space. Not to mention the cook settings that it offers, this is one nice choice that you should have in mind. Let’s take a look and see, we think you may like it.

What is the best built-in microwave oven?

You can buy any one of these best built-in microwaves in 2019 because they are of the best quality, durable, multi-functional and have reasonable and competitive price tags.

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