Best Onion Chopper Review On Market ?

January 19, 2020

Chopping onions are experienced disliked by many, yet you have to for they make food tasty. Chopping with a simple kitchen knife can easily lead to tears and there is the likelihood of small mishaps since it becomes unbearable.

However, onion choppers make it easy and convenient, saving you time and preventing your eyes from the harsh effect of the onion smell. Out of all the models in the market, mechanical or electric, only some are infallibly efficient in accomplishing the task.

TL;DR Best Onion Chopper

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How To Choose a Good Onion Chopper?

Onion choppers are a very useful tool to have in anyone’s kitchen, especially if you do a fair amount of cooking. Just a little forethought and preparation can help you get the perfect onion slicer that meets all of your cooking needs.

These best choppers can be used for other vegetables and even fruit, cheese, and sometimes eggs and meat. Having an incredibly versatile and useful tool such as this can be almost invaluable.

Of course, it is significantly important that you know what facts matter regarding onion choppers. What comes next is simply figuring out which onion chopper to buy, and you most likely have some questions. This buyer’s guide will give you some useful additional information to look out for when shopping for the best onion choppers.

Blade Type

Not all blades are created equal, that is for certain.

Some more cheaply made onion choppers will have fewer quality blades than others that are not made out of the same material. This is obviously important because it directly correlates to how well and how easily the device will cut through vegetables such as onions.

It is also true that there is a range of different kinds of blades in onion choppers. Some cut evenly, some puree, and some just dice or chop vegetables down to certain sizes. Some onion choppers will give you more cutting options with different blade varieties.

It is also possible that you will have to replace the blades at some point, and this may be another good aspect to consider closely before settling on your final choice.

Just think about the type of blade that you want for whatever food you will be cutting, or moreover whatever food you will be preparing since your primary concern is likely onions. Think about how you want the onions cut or if you will be using it to cut many other types of food.


This can be said for any product that you buy: having a warranty is always a good aspect to look for. This is especially true the more money you will be spending or the greater risk you feel about the particular product breaking down and needing to be replaced.

There are a vast number of warranties out there and they will vary depending on the individual brand and seller. Usually, you can get the warranty without paying extra, but this may not be true depending on who you buy the onion chopper from.

You may consider buying an additional warranty to cover the product more extensively, this is more true the more money you spend. A warranty is very similar to insurance and it makes good sense to have it.

Size and Capacity

There are benefits to having smaller onion cutters and benefits to having larger ones with a bigger storage capacity. Again, this depends on what you need. If you have a smaller kitchen and/or you tend to make relatively small meals, you probably don’t need a very big onion chopper.

Just get one that is small and it will likely serve its purpose in your home and give you all that you need. If, on the other hand, you have a big family or tend to cook for a number of guests, having a bigger and best onion chopper with greater size and capacity is a good idea. Having more capacity essentially just means that you can fill up the storage container more before needing to empty it.

If you are preparing a lot of vegetables you may need all the capacity you can get, which may make the process of emptying it out and using it over again easier and more convenient.


When it comes to price, onion choppers are usually pretty closely within a set price range. You can certainly find really cheap ones or much more expensive options.

Of course, as always, various elements go into deciding the particular price. Whether it is manual or electric, the size, and the quality of materials it is made out of and how well it is put together will all contribute to how much an onion chopper costs.

Simply think about what is within your own price range and look out for any specific features or qualities so you know you are getting exactly what you want.

Best Onion Chopper Review On Market

Detailed Onion Dicer Reviews

We created reviews below with additional guidance for different kinds of Onion Dicer. If you plan to buy colanders online please do so through our review so that your purchase (at no additional cost to you) can support this website – thank you.

OXO Good Grips Mini Chopper

A versatile yet affordable device, the OXO Good Grips proves its efficacy when used to chop onions. It features a large recipient on its bottom and also a top cap that rotates to spin the sharp blades. It is quite easy to disassemble and clean, although not dishwasher safe. It is a compact model that further and a top cap that rotates in order to spin the blades. It is fairly easy to disassemble and clean but it cannot be placed in a dishwasher. The model is compact and comes with a locking system that prevents the cap from slipping off when in use.

Chef’n Veggie Chop Hand-Powered Food Chopper

Chef’n VeggiChop is a hand-powered tool perfect for chopping large and hard pieces of vegetables, boneless meats, fruits, and even nuts and ice. This has to be the most popular hand-power vegetable and food chopper available online. In many ways, it is better than many electronic vegetable choppers.

This is a perfect tool to have in your kitchen, camping adventures, travels, and RVs. Using the product is super easy, all you need to do is place all the fruits and vegetables in the container, twist it and lock the lid and finally full the cord to spin the chopping blades.

If you want to whip up batches of guacamole, salsa, hummus, and pesto, this manual chopper is simply the perfect tool. Its sealing storage lid keeps everything inside the container. Having this one, you can complete your kitchen cutting and chopping tasks three times quicker.

Overall, for super functionality, high efficiency, great capacity and perfect pieces of fruits and vegetables, I highly recommend this vegetable chopper.

Brieftons Manual Food Chopper

For those who enjoy the sweat and tears associated with food preparation (the tears from onions of course!) then you will be a fan of the highly-rated Brieftons Manual Food Chopper. Don’t let this quiet and cute veggie chopper fool you into thinking it doesn’t perform, it packs the same punch as the electric choppers with the added benefit of a light arm workout in the meantime.

The Brieftons Manual Food Chopper comes in a simple three-piece set: 3 cups working bowl, secure lid with a built-in cord pulling mechanism and a dual chopping blade. While the experience of using the manual food chopper is exciting, BE CAREFUL, as these blades are extremely sharp. They will need to be as you are the driving force behind the successful chopping, not a 400-watt motor.

What we like about Brieftons’ manual chopper is the price point. This product is affordable and offers options you can upgrade to from the 3-cup, dual blade unit for only a few bucks more. For $17.99 you can opt for the tall 4-cup chopper with three blades, a blending stick and a comfort grip lid. These upgrades are still cheaper than base models on the internet and you are not sacrificing any quality!

Freshware Best Onion Choppers

Available in three different sizes, this Freshware KT-402 chopper is a very reasonably priced yet versatile product you can go for.

Its smallest site is a 2-in one chopper that comes with two sharp interchangeable stainless-steel blades for perfect chopping and dicing. You can chop or dice in a single swift motion. It also comes with a cleaning tool and one storage container. It can hold 1.2 liters or 4 cups of fruits, vegetables or cheese at a time.

Its medium version costs a couple more dollars and offers an extra function which is slicing. So, it has three sharp, interchangeable blades.

Finally, the largest one is a 7-in-1 kitchen tool that offers features like six sharp blades that do functions like chopping, slicing, dicing, grating and julienning. Overall, Freshware KT-402 has to be one of the best food processors available online.

FreshCut Pro Dicer Manual Food Chopper and Dicer

This is a highly versatile chopper suitable for chopping any vegetables but functions superbly on onions. It features a large see-through recipient plus two blade sizes. It comes with a cleaning accessory which is great in removing leftovers from its blades. It is quite easy to use and is designed to cut time and make onion chopping experience a breeze. For its cost, you can seldom land a better deal.

Zyliss Food Chopper

If you cook with onions often, the Zyliss Food Chopper is one great choice. It’s a spring-loaded model that features a visually impressive design and a firm construction regardless of the fact that it’s mainly made of plastic. Its stainless steel blades are efficient, and it comes with a storage cup. Since it is easily disassembled and cleaned, it is easy to maintain.

Alligator Onion and Vegetable Dicer

It features a very simple design and functions like any regular chopper but with a more open cutting method. Its stainless steel blades are quite effective in cutting the onion. It cuts onions a little faster compared to spring-loaded models. For its design, you don’t have to disassemble to clean. Its durable stainless steel blades ensure long time use and for its speed and ease of use, chopping onions is a walk in the park.

Kuuk Onion Chopper

The Kuuk is also another spring-loaded model of an onion chopper that features a simple design and a lightweight build. It’s mainly made of plastic, with stainless steel blades and see-through elements. Although advertised mainly as an onion chopper, it can also chop other vegetables. It is fairly simple to clean since it is easy to disassemble in a matter of minutes. It is also dishwasher safe.

Rosle Black Onion and Vegetable Chopper

It is a spring-loaded onion chopper model with a high-quality build. It features a stainless steel top and a few plastic elements. It has stainless steel serrated blades and also a see-through bottom for making it easy to know when the onions are completely chopped. It also has a protective cover as well as an ergonomic knob. For the high-quality materials it is made of, this is a very durable model that is worth its cost.

Foxrun Onion Chopper

This is a simple but very efficient and easy to use onion chopper. It features a see-through recipient as well as a large lid with a spring-loaded top for pressing the blades inside over your onions. It cuts the time you would take to chop onion using an ordinary knife in more than half, and completely prevents tears. It is made mainly of plastic and has stainless steel blades. Its price tag is attractive.

Which Onion Chopper to Buy?

On the market, you will find only a handful of specially dedicated onion chopper. However, they are almost similar to normal vegetable choppers. They all feature blades made of stainless steel, and the manual ones are the most efficient. These top 10 best onion choppers include the very efficient and convenient to use onion chopper models out there.

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