Best French Fry Cutter Reviews (Must Read!)

August 31, 2020

French fries have been a delicacy that has been enjoyed by many for years. It became a part of family gatherings and hanging out with friends. Everyone we know, including ourselves, has at least tasted a single piece of this fry. And then obviously, took another one, a handful lot, and then some more. They are just so good that even if we admit it or not, we all tried to make our own fries with the use of the best French fry cutter we know.

Of course, there are also a lot of french fry maker options to choose from in the market. You don’t always have to create your own fries because you can just buy them. But then we are also aware of the health risks it possesses. Especially the ones that you can buy because you have no idea where they are from, how they are made, and whether or not some chemicals and preservatives were added on it. You might have even encountered some that makes you think how in the world it passed as food.

Yet we all still want to have some fries because admit it, they are that good. So we look for options to enjoy it without the chemical worries. We make our own with fresh potatoes. And in this review, we will list down the ones (i.e. french fry cutters) that we found to help you in that area. So each and every time you crave for some of this potato goodness, you can just put your device into good use.

TL;DR Best French Fry Maker

[Full Disclosure: This is a professional review website and the reviews are done based on personal opinions. Some of the links below are affiliate links. Compensation will be received if you go through them to make a purchase. Keep in mind that these products are suggested because of their quality and not because of the compensation received from your purchases.]

French Fry Cutters Buying Guide

Here’s a friendly reminder to consider your decision carefully before you rush out on a shopping spree out of excitement to create your own fresh cut potato fries.

Safety and ease of usage

We live in the age where machines help us finish our chores faster and better. But that doesn’t always mean safer. Cutters can cut you if they are not that well-made and if they are not used properly. Always consider the fact whether or not you can handle the product you are buying. Make sure that it will be easy and safe to use.

Multipurpose and versatility

If a device could do more than it was intended to do, that’s an added bonus. Some devices are so simple that you can only use them on potatoes and nothing else. However, there are also those devices that can cut sweet potatoes, carrots, apples, zucchini, etc. and usually their prices do not differ that much.

Durability and sturdiness

Machines can break due to consistent use and that’s alright. However, it’s not alright if they break right after the first use. You want to buy something that will help you eat fries for a long time that’s why you are purchasing one in the first place. You don’t want a piece of garbage to add clutter in your home. It’s something that is strong enough to do the job and at the same time, be around for a long time.

Practicality and value for money

When you buy a product or anything in particular, you want to have your money’s worth. Cheap does not always mean better. Sometimes you have to choose quality over quantity and it might be the real hack of saving money especially if they could last you an awful lot of time.

French Fry Potato Cutter Reviews

We created reviews below with additional guidance for different kinds of french fry cutter. If you plan to buy french fry maker online please do so through our review so that your purchase (at no additional cost to you) can support this website – thank you.

Tiger Chef Heavy Duty Potato French Fry Cutter

This French fry cutter by the TigerChef Company ranks among the top ten best models due to its excellent build, diversity, and reliability. It’s a complete set that also includes a free washing brush.

It’s a heavy duty, reliable, all-metal cutter which features three sizes of razor sharp blades which promote quick and effortless achievement of zucchini sticks, uniform fries, among other favorite cooking ingredients.

Its reliable suction feet allow for safe and smooth operation right from the countertop or mounting on the wall thereby saving your kitchen space to a great extent.

It’s excellent build, and ability to chop a large volume of potatoes and other vegetables together makes it ideal for both commercial and home use. A 100% satisfaction guarantee is offered by the manufacturer as a sign of confidence in the quality of this product.

Westmark Multipurpose French fry Cutter with 3 Thickness

This french fry cutter is one of the best options available on the market. Made from tough stainless steel material, the cutter never gets rusted. Again, the handle and base are made using tough ABS material which enhances durability and also offers comfort whole in use.

There’s a rubber suction feature which enhances comfort and ensures that you get the best results. The three inserts which comes with this product allow one to cut slices of different sizes comfortably. Also, this cutter is versatile. In fact, it doesn’t just have to be used with French fries, you can also use it to slice vegetables or fruits like carrots, cucumbers, potatoes and apples.

Culina French Fry Potato Cutter

If you’re looking for a personal use cutter that could achieve that restaurant quality fry cut then the Culina French Fry Potato Cutter is a good start. It’s small enough not to take too much space in kitchen but big enough to be comfortable to use. If you like to use the cutter for other products as well then you will be delighted to know that this cutter is also good for radishes, zucchinis, yams, apples, and many more.

When using it, you will notice that the lower part of the device is curved to fit the shape of potatoes the best. It has two interchangeable blades. These two types of blades offer you an opportunity to make potatoes that are regular sized or thin gourmet size.

There are also available blades in the market in case you want to replace the ones provided. Now you can make potatoes into french fries as easy as 1, 2, 3. You don’t have to exert too much force because the handle will do the trick and there will be no strain even after repeated use.

New Star Foodservice Complete Combo French Fry Cutter

People who want to make a large number of French fries will need a product that gets to work quickly. Of course, it also needs to be very durable and easy to use. With its huge number of blades and blocks, New Star Foodservice has created a very versatile French Fry Cutter.

Your fries, your way…

This mighty model comes with three different blades as well as blocks and a large number of other items. This makes it very easy for users to find exactly what they need. It also boasts a rustproof powder-coated heavy-duty cast iron body, which helps to make it extremely durable.

Extra security is provided by the special suction cups on the base of the model to hold it firmly in place. New Star Foodservice’s French fry cutter can be mounted either on a counter or the wall. This makes it ideal for people who have limited kitchen space.

Very easy to use…

Reluctant chefs will be pleased to note that this model is also very easy to use. Simply place a potato or another type of vegetable on the shield between the blade frame and pusher block. Pull the handle and the vegetable will be sliced to the desired thickness.

New Star Foodservice’s French fry cutter also looks very cool. The special black finish really makes it stand out from the crowd. This is sure to be the perfect accompaniment to any kitchen.

Weston Restaurant Quality French Fry Cutter

Who says that you have to go to a restaurant to enjoy top quality French fries? The Weston Restaurant Quality French Fry Cutter is ideal for even novice cooks. It comes with stainless steel blades that are very durable and efficient.

Users simply need to install this model on a countertop or wall and get to work. There are also special suction cups on the feet. This means that the slicer can be repositioned with ease any time that users want.

The long arm handle delivers enhanced leverage and makes slicing a breeze. Even very long and tough vegetables can be cut with ease. People who are creating dishes with several different types of vegetables can use this model to cut them all.

But, there’s a catch…

While this model is very easy to use, the same cannot really be said about the maintenance process. The French fry slicer needs to be completely disassembled in order to clean it, which takes time and trouble. Smart chefs will want to try and pass this task onto someone else.

Still, in terms of versatility and pure ease of use, the Weston Restaurant Quality French Fry Cutter does not disappoint. This model is especial reliable and robust and even comes complete with a rust protective coating. People who can handle the cleanup are sure to love using it.

Reliatronic Stainless Steel Potato Chipper with Extended Handle

Cutting potatoes by hand can be a tedious task. To minimize the effort spent on getting that perfect plate of sweet potato fries, invest in this sweet potato fry cutter. This tool is designed to be extremely easy to use by all.

The extended handle on the tool allows for a better grip and a greater torque. This means that you only have to push slightly, and your potatoes are all sliced perfectly.

The large base of this sweet potato fry cutter fits most potato sizes. Whether your sweet potatoes are a little too big or too small – you can easily cut them into fries in one go. No need to cut large potatoes in smaller pieces first!

The two blades that this tool comes with are both made of stainless steel. Sharp, durable, and corrosion-resistant – these blades will not wear out for a long time.

Geedel Manual French Fry Cutter

If there was ever a sweet potato fry cutter that is safe to use by children under supervision, itis this one. With extended handle design, it requires much less force to go through hard sweet potatoes than you would need with a knife. The 4 anti-slip rubber tips keep the slicer stable while in use.

The detachable blade of this sweet potato slicer has been made with top quality stainless steel. Enjoy years of labor out of this tool without the blade bending or growing blunt.

This slicing tool cuts up much more than just sweet potatoes or regular russet potatoes. Use it to slice up any vegetable you want and get a clean cut every time!

ICO Stainless Steel 2-Blade French Fry Potato Cutter

Impeccable Culinary Objects best known as ICO is constantly on the lookout for updates and innovations for their products to give their consumers the best cooking experience possible. They have a no-quibble money back guarantee so anyone can purchase one without worry. So you can give the ICO Stainless Steel 2-Blade French Fry Potato Cutter a try and it might end up as the one that you have been looking for.

This product is a professional french fry potato cutter. With similar usage like the rest of the cutter on our list but on a different level as it can cut whole potatoes in one go, the same can also apply to other fruits and vegetables. You can also quickly switch between thin and thick cuts as it include 2 blade sizes. The said blades can cut potatoes into 36 pieces and 64 pieces.

This ICO product is made out of 100% stainless steel designed to last for a long time. It’s built tough and versatile with suction cups to support the product’s stability while in use. You don’t have to worry about the product if it’s going to slide away from you.

Buying The Best French Fry Cutter

These top ten best french fry cutters have all it takes to take your kitchen operations to a whole new level. When buying such a compelling product, you will need to be extra careful.

You need to figure out whether you need a french fry cutter for commercial or home use. Again, you will have to ensure that your budget augers with your preferred product. This way, you will be in a position to identify a great product from this list that will meet and exceed your expectations effortlessly.

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