Best Cake Mixer You Should Consider ?

December 24, 2019

A cake mixer can be one of the most interesting purchases for your kitchen if you ever make especially if you like baking. Since it’s fairly expensive most people will ensure they have the money and space for such a long-term investment. If you choose wisely and land a great blender it can last you decades. The efficiency that it comes with is what matters.

You will spend the shortest time mixing the ingredients before you start baking cakes. The large-sized bowl will also mix enough dough for your needs. If indeed you are out for one there are certain things you need to consider other than the build quality.

Best Mixer For Cake Making

The list below highlights the best cake mixers as well as what you need to consider.

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Cake Mixture Machine Buying Guide

To hone in on the best cake mixer for you, you should consider some of your main needs and preferences before starting your search. Below are some factors you should consider during the buying process.

1. Price Range

If you’re sticking with hand mixers, you can find a lot of options for under $100 (some closer to $20). If you’re ready to invest in a stand mixer, most models will cost you somewhere from $200-$700. Some commercial models get over $1,000, but you’d only need one of those if you intend to make especially large quantities of food (and you’d probably want a commercial oven to match).

For most home chefs, a $200-$300 model will do the trick, but the higher end mixers could be a good choice for those who:

  • Make lots of recipes that involve a lot of heavy-duty mixing.
  • Want a big enough mixing bowl to make especially large quantities at once.
  • Want lots of different settings options for precision in making different types of food.

2. Weight

For a hand mixer, you’ll probably want to stick with something light and easy to hold for a while as you mix. Keep in mind, the more stuff you have to mix, the longer you will be holding it. For some, this could be a deal-breaker in itself.

For a stand mixer, you want to aim for the opposite. The heavier a stand mixer is, the sturdier it will be as it mixes. On the one hand, you want it to be good and sturdy, so it doesn’t bounce around on the counter. On the other, you want to be able to actually handle it.

If you’ll be keeping your stand mixer on the counter, the weight may be a minor concern. If you’re going to be getting it out of a cabinet every time you use it, you should go with a model that’s not too difficult to lift. If getting it out is a major inconvenience every time, you may find yourself not actually using your mixer enough to justify the investment.

Typically, mixers of at least 20 pounds will do the best job of staying stable while mixing thick dough. With lighter models, you might risk there being some general movement around the counter so you’ll have to keep a closer eye on it.

3. Speed Settings

Most models of both hand and stand mixers offer several speeds — usually somewhere from 3 to 12 different options.

All mixers should have a “slow start” setting, which makes it easy to add ingredients like flour to the mix without making a huge mess. Most models should also include a fast enough setting for making a meringue. Many bakers will be able to make do as long as they have at least three-speed options, but if you’re especially ambitious and want to bake with absolute precision, going for a model with more speed settings could pay off.

4. Size

You have two main considerations when it comes to size:

  • How much space do you have available in your kitchen?
  • How much food are you typically hoping to make in your mixer?

Hopefully, the answers to both those questions can work in conjunction and you won’t have to sacrifice one for the other.

You can find a wide range of sizes on the market and, as you might expect, the prices will generally go up as the models get bigger. If you’ll often be baking for large groups and have space, then investing in a larger kitchen mixer will likely make your life easier, at least enough to make the cost worth it. If you’ll mostly be cooking for your own small family, you can probably make do with a small-to-medium sized model.

5. Attachments

What you can do with a stand mixer starts to expand as you invest in more attachments. If you want inspiration to try making new foods, look no further than the list of attachments available for a stand mixer.

Most kitchen mixers come with the three most standard attachments:

  1. Dough Hook: This is the attachment that’s usually in a c-shape or spiral that used for making anything that requires kneading, like bread and pizza dough.
  2. Wire Whip: Sometimes called a balloon whisk, the wire whip is for the whipping movement that makes whipped cream, frosting, and meringue.
  3. Flat Beater: The flat beater will be the most commonly used attachment for most bakers, as it’s the go-to choice for cake batter, cookie dough, and mashed potatoes.

Many also come with a pouring shield that makes it easier to add new ingredients while you’re mixing without any mess.

For more ambitious chefs, you can find a wide array of additional attachments, including:

If you think you may be interested in adding new attachments over time, then it’s important to buy a mixer that is compatible with all the attachments that you’re interested in. Shopping around for attachments is easy, as they are widely available online.

6. Look

You can stick with a simple white or black mixer, or you can buy one that adds a jolt of color to your kitchen.

Whatever your stylistic preferences, you should have no trouble finding plenty of color options for your mixer. Many of the top brands offer a range of color choices. KitchenAid, for example, has some models available in over forty colors. Following the new trend of red kitchen appliances, Empire Red is one of the most popular colors for KitchenAid mixers.

7. Ease of Cleaning

Hand mixers earn points in this category for being much easier to clean than stand mixers. Withstand mixers, you end up with a lot of different pieces you have to clean. Some attachments are dishwasher safe, but others will need to be washed by hand after each use. Depending on the type of mixer you buy, you may need to wash your mixing bowl by hand as well. And you’ll want to rub the rest of the machine down with a wet cloth to keep it clean after each use.

You should expect a similar level of maintenance for most stand mixers, but some may be a little more difficult than others. You can often get a sense from the reviews of which mixers will give you more trouble when you’re cleaning than others.

8. Noise Level

Cake mixers are going to be loud any way you cut it. Rotary hand mixers won’t be too bad, but all of the electric models will make some noise. Some models are worse offenders than others though, so if you’re especially sensitive to noisy appliances, then look for models that reviewers cite as being quieter than usual.

Best Cake Mixer You Should Consider

Cake Mixer Machine Review

We created reviews below with additional guidance for different kinds of cake mixer machine. If you plan to buy a cake mixer machine online please do so through our review so that your purchase (at no additional cost to you) can support this website – thank you.

KitchenAid Tilt-Head Stand Mixer with Pouring Shield

The 5-quart bowl will enable you to stir any of your ingredients. With the 10 speeds, you can select the one you want. Additionally, its equipped with 59 touching points to ensure all the inside contents mix thoroughly. Other than that is has a flat beater to mash hard ingredients.

Another feature is the wire whip to allow air inside the recipe. Furthermore, it has a power hub that can support up to 15 optional attachments. This gives the blender a unique mixing action. There is no doubt your work of baking cakes has been made much easier with the mixer as its much faster and efficient compared if you were to take a manual approach.

Cuisinart HM-70 Power Advantage 7-Speed Hand Mixer

Select the speed you want with a single touch of the button. You can select the favorite speed you want from the 7 speeds with a single button search. It’s also equipped with 220 watts motor to mix even the densest ingredients. But to start it features the 3 low mixing speeds to eliminate the spattering. Another great feature is the self-cleaning beaters and the center posts.

If it’s your first time it comes with the necessary instructions on how to operate it. Thereafter it will be easy to use the speed controls and the beater eject lever. When looking for one make sure it has the chrome-plated Cuisinart logo band. As a professional chef, this will be a great addition to your kitchen.

Cuisinart Smart Stick Variable Speed Cordless Rechargeable Hand Blender with Electric Knife

Next, on the list, we have the Cuisinart that has up to 5-speed levels. Other than the 5 speeds it has 20 minutes running time which makes this mixer ideal for any chef. In addition, it comes with a knife attachment that allows the chef to carve a slice of bread using little effort. Additionally, the shaft measures 9.5 inches and has a large blade and guard to give out results faster.

Another feature is the power handle that has a stainless steel plate. It also features a 7.4 amp lithium battery. It’s easy to hold the blender with one hand and adjust the button with the other hand.

Aicok Hand Mixer 6 Speed Classic Stainless Steel Cake Mixers

The following we have this Aicok mixer that will be a great addition to anyone’s kitchen. it boasts of a 250-watt motor plus a 6-speed turbo to give out the best results. The mixing and preparation will be done as expected with no problems. Moreover, it’s made of a lightweight steel body with two quality whisks to give out the perfect result while lasting for a lengthy period.

Additionally, the mixer is equipped with a handle to reduce fatigue. Besides, the length of the cable will allow you to move freely doing your business. On the other hand, the hook is easy to clean with the cable length allowing you to move freely. Its small size can also be stored on any cabinet. Finally, it’s backed by a 2-year warranty.

Breville BEM800XL Scraper Mixer Pro

If you need an occasional helper for baking cookies, cakes, and other lighter dough items or whipping up a nice cream, you can’t go wrong with the Breville BEM800XL Scraper Mixer Pro 5-Quart Die-Cast Stand Mixer.

Although we would not recommend it for more than occasional bread kneading, this machine will perform very well for the average home chef, as long as he or she doesn’t have a bread-baking obsession. Its scraping function is unique among its peers.

Although priced higher than many of the other lighter-duty models, it’s autoload sensing and auto timer features give you more for your money than many other comparable brands in this price range.

Sunbeam 2371 MixMaster Stand Mixer

The Sunbeam MixMaster is a reliable, low-cost option that isn’t as powerful as many of the more expensive models, but it does offer comparable features. It is certainly suitable for simple batches of cookies or occasional cakes.

The head and beaters of the Sunbeam MixMaster Stand Mixer Review are off-center, which allows simultaneous mixing and adding of ingredients. Moreover, this stand mixer is equipped with a 350-watt sturdy motor. It offers twelve different speed settings to ensure the even mixing and blending of different types of ingredients. Whether it’s stirring, blending, whipping, folding, kneading or whisking, Sunbeam mixing machine allows the user to do all these tasks effortlessly.

Additional features of this mixer include a large turn dial for speed setting, a speed indicator LED and a button for the removal of attachment. This machine starts with a low-speed and gradually accelerates to provide a soft start and to avoid any splatter or flour puff. Besides this, it also has a burst-power function which gives an extra power burst to ensure proper blending of the ingredients.

Braun HM5100 MultiMix Hand Mixer

This sturdy mixer features smart mix technology such that most of the weight falls in the bowl, other than on your hands, and this makes it easy to use. The closed casing system is also an exciting feature such that nothing gets into the casing, which reduces the work cut out for you during cleaning.

In this way, your mixer is not at risk of getting damaged by food particles.

The handle is comfortable and features a non-slip design, which makes its use easy. Cleaning the attachments included in the package should not pose a hurdle as they are safe to wash in the dishwasher. What’s more, they are of high quality, and you can rest assured that they are free of BPA as well as other unsafe chemicals.

The 350-watt motor allows this mixer to perform better than half of the hand mixers that you would come across in the market. Also, it is not loud, and you will not cringe every time you turn it on. And neither will your neighbors.

With nine speeds in place, you can play about with the different modes to see what works best for your recipe. You can start slow where you are working with fine ingredients as you move towards the fast speeds which work best for tough foods.

The cord is more than five feet long, and this allows you to move a lot when using the mixer. Storing the wire will not be a problem as there is a storage feature for the same to keep it from cracking or getting detached. You can also snap it into your preferred position owing to its swivel design, and you can let it float as you work on your recipe.

Smeg SMF01PBUS Stand Mixer

The SMF01 is the striking showpiece of cod 1950s splendor. Visitors will probably ignore your greetings and head straight towards the countertop for a quick stroke of its smooth, glossy die-cast aluminum head – reminiscent of a Boeing 737 engine – and beautifully machined base.

The Smeg has a 10-speed, soft-start 800-watt motor – 500 more watts than the KitchenAid, although we actually question the usefulness of that – which makes light work of anything you throw into its equally gorgeous 4.8-liter polished steel bowl. One area where it arguably surpasses the Kitchenaid is that adding and removing tools is easier.

Given that the Smeg is now a tad cheaper than the KitchenAid, it’s a genuine toss-up between the two. In many respects, the Smeg seems the better buy as it’s equally well built and it comes in a similar range of striking colors. However, one can’t discount the renowned reliability of the KitchenAid motor and other moving parts.

We also don’t like the look of this one as much and feel it’s also less likely to fit into most kitchens. That’s just us, though. And, of course, if you’ve already filled your kitchenette with other bits from Smeg’s art deco-influenced design roster, dive right in. It’s a cracking cake companion.

Which Is The Best Mixer for Cakes?

Get the biggest machine you can afford so you don’t have to do several batches for one recipe, but remember to think about whether you’ll be able to store attachments and the equipment itself. Every model should come with a dough hook, a balloon whisk attachment, and a better tool. Popular attachments like meat grinders and electric pasta machines are useful but can be tricky to use and don’t utilize the mixer’s powerful motor or large bowl.

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