Must Have Balloon Whisks For Your Kitchen

February 16, 2020

A balloon whisk is essential stuff that should not miss in any kitchen handles most of the time you may find it frivolous.

Apart from scrambling eggs, good balloon whisks enable you to mix food ingredients easily. Having an assortment of balloon whisks in your kitchen is one way of making cooking pleasurable and fun.

Balloon whisks are available in different sizes and designs. In case you want to get too serious cooking in your kitchen, then here are the best balloon whisks in for your consideration.

TL;DR Balloon Whisk Mixer

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Balloon Whisk Pro and Con

Strengths: Whisking in bowls or sauciers; keeping custards in motion; combining dry ingredients; smoothing batters.

Weaknesses: Aeration; whipping; reaching into corners.

The curving shape of a balloon whisk conforms nicely to bowls and sauciers, making it easy to scrape every surface and reach every corner.

Because there aren’t too many times, it won’t get gunked up making thick batters like the yukone in my magic bagels and crusty dinner rolls, and its hollow shape makes it easy to knock out whatever’s trapped inside.

Despite the name, “balloon” whisks don’t help meringues balloon up in the bowl; their shape is just rather balloon-like. In fact, these whisks are fairly lousy at aeration, though styles with an extra layer of tines are a little better at it. This balloon whisk set includes both styles.

Must Have Balloon Whisks For Your Kitchen

Balloon Whisks Review

We created reviews below with additional guidance for different kinds of balloon whisks. If you plan to buy colanders online please do so through our review so that your purchase (at no additional cost to you) can support this website – thank you.

Best Manufacturers 14-inch Balloon Whip

This whisk is designed in the USA. It is one best selling whisk on the market. It has been meticulously made right from wire spacing, sturdiness, and length. It is made of robust stainless steel. It is rust-resistant and matches a wide range of cooking needs. It is dishwasher-safe and meets all the standards of the National Sanitation Foundation. It is an interesting whisk that provides amazing results every time you use it. You just can’t afford to miss a taste of this adorable whisk.

Barmix Balloon Whisk 11 Inches

This balloon whisk has strong and durable stainless steel wires that are easy to clean after use. Its handle has a hook for hanging when storing. Its handle is made of high-quality soft rubber that makes it grip well onto your hand while using. It is very portable and will never stress you in every use. There are 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and a decent money-back guarantee that come with this whisk. It is one mist-no-miss whisk in your shopping cart.

OXO 11-inch Good Grips Whisk

This whisk comes with highly polished stainless steel whisking wires that work smart in all kinds of whisking projects. It has a handle that features a teardrop design. It grips well on your palm as you enjoy undisrupted whisking. You can, therefore, use this whisk even when your hands are still wet. And it is ideal for whisking food such as butter, beating eggs, sauces and whip cream among other delicious stuff. OXO 11-inch is one of the top leading brands of balloon whisk on the market.

Joseph 2-in-1 Silicone Balloon Whisk

This is an 11.5-inch long balloon whisk that can be used to do a wide range of whisking tasks. It is coated with silicone hence an ideal pick in case you are looking for a non-sticky whisk. It does not only helps in mixing ingredients but also suitable for scraping. Its handle is designed simply making it very effective in cooking. This whisk can be dismantled easily after use and placed in the drawer. You can rely on this dishwasher-safe whisk in completing most of your kitchen tasks.

Gourmetics Kitchen Stainless Steel Balloon Whisk

This 12.5-inch whisk has eight strong stainless steel 2-meter wires that suit heavy stirring and mixing tasks. It features a durable construction design and that it can last for long if provided with proper care. Its 5-inch barrel has a hanging hook at the far end for hassle-free storage. It is the perfect choice for professional cooking. This unique whisk comes with a free eBook that features up to 20 delicacy recipes of coconut, creamy Kahlua, butterscotch fudge and gingerbread fudge and much more. It has a lifetime satisfaction warranty from the manufacturer. It is one whisk that is worthy of a purchase.

Kuhn Rikon Double Balloon Whisk

This 10-inch balloon whisk is equipped with many polished stainless steel wires that work synergistically to deliver fast whisking results. There is also a uniquely designed barrel handle that waterproof. It is one powerful whisk that you can use to accomplish a plethora of cooking tasks. Perhaps, you will find this whisk ideal and worth its price. It feels easy and comfortable on your hands as you whisk. You can give a try to this trendy balloon whisk.

Dragonn Sturdy 11-inch Balloon Whisk

The Dragonn Sturdy Balloon Whisk is made of high-quality stainless steel. It is equipped with a very innovative and comfy handle that offers a perfect grip to avoid slipping while being used. Its handle is very soft hence no chances of developing palm pain sore after long use. This balloon whisk also features a large opening at the handle for easy hanging when not in use. Moreover, this balloon whisk is dishwasher safe. This whisk comes with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer. You can, therefore, rest assured of total peace of mind as you use this adorable balloon whisk.

Winco 12-Inch Stainless Steel Piano Wire Whip

The 12-inch Winco whisk is just as springy and efficient at whipping as our top pick. Its biggest downside is the smooth stainless steel handle, which is less comfortable than the OXO’s rubber handle and can get slippery. But that’s a flaw you might be willing to overlook for a cheaper whisk or a whisk you can rest on the side of a hot pot.

Philonext Stainless Steel Kitchen Whisk

Another great quality product, its affordability along with its functionality is one of the reasons why it is both one of the best whisks we have come across in our search and second on our list. Sturdily built, anti-rust and easy to clean; this slight balloon-shaped whisk is ideal for mixing sauces, whipping cream, mixtures of sugar and butter and cream with melted chocolate.

The stainless steel wires and handle are easy to clean, making your after-cooking clean up a simpler one. On top of being rust free and easy to clean it is also dishwasher friendly. It is also easy to store, you could hang it on any hook present in your kitchen (a hole at the end of the handle is present for this purpose) however its small size makes it easy to stash away in any small pantry or drawer in the kitchen as well.

The material is non-stick, making it perfect to mix together sticky caramels or sauces. A highly practical kitchen appliance, its whisking efficiency greatly simplifies your work in the kitchen. A multipurpose tool that is great at what it does. This kind of whisk is mostly ideal for making desserts and other sticky treats. The manufacturers guarantee high-quality products and if you aren’t happy with what you receive the company is ready to refund your money back.

Norpro Balloon Wire Whisk Set

With stainless steel and 7 wire construction this whisk is built for maximum functionality. This is ideal for aerating mixtures (whipping cream or egg whites) to make them fluffy. It is suited for dry ingredients as well, used to break up any clumps in the mixture and distribute them evenly throughout. This helps eliminate the need for sifting thereby simplifying the preparation process for baked goods.

It comes in three different sizes to satisfy all your kitchen requirements. You could use the largest whisk to mix together the batter, the middle one to beat eggs and the smallest one to make vinaigrettes. It is flexible enough however but the strong steel wires overlap to make less room for the sauces and other liquids to clot.

The handles of these whisks are truly created for professionals and are rigid; giving you a good grip on it even with repetitive vigorous whisking. These can be washed by hand or put in the dishwasher as well. These are rustproof, will not fade or even corrode. Keeping in mind the immense versatility and the functionality of these whisks, they come at a highly affordable price; making these whisks economical as well. This is the perfect whisk for a family. Families always have diverse needs when it comes to food. This whisk helps you fulfill all those needs.

Which Balloon Whisks to Choose?

These are the top 10 ballo0n whisks that you might want to get for your kitchen. They are easy to use and above all, most of them are affordable. 

No matter what, you must read all the reviews thoroughly to know the right one of your choice according to your needs. We hope the article helped you in making a fair decision by keeping all the reviews in mind. Think before you spend your money in any use because you have earned it with your hard work and this does not deserve to get wasted in any single form.

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